Terms and Conditions

Our approach to personal information
Our website does not collect any personal information, other than the information collected from visitors who comment on our blog (see below).

Cookies are small files stored in your web browser which help a website to remember who you are. Mostly, their use is to help make your experience better – for example to remember your username when you visit a site, or to allow a shopping cart to work – or to gather anonymous statistical information about how websites are being used. They can also be used by advertising networks to offer adverts tailored to your browsing history.

How do we use them?
We only use cookies for analytics purposes, that is, to see which pages you visit and in which order. These are anonymous (they do not contain any personal information). We aggregate the information gathered, and use it to improve the design and content of our website. We do not display any advertising, and therefore there are no third party advertising cookies on our site.

Opting out
If you prefer not to receive cookies, you can block some, or all cookies by changing your browser settings, or installing a cookie-management plugin/add-on.

We collect anonymous statistics about how our website is being used in order to understand how people use our online services so we can improve them and make them more relevant to our users. We use Google Analytics to do this.

For further information on the way Google Analytics uses cookies, click here

We use open tracking to monitor and improve the email newsletters we send you. This allows us to track the number of people who read our missives, and gather other information such as email client, geographical location (based on IP address), and which links are clicked.

Blog comments
If a visitor to our website comments on a blog post, we will store their IP address and email address in a password protected database. IP addresses are stored for the purposes of detecting spam, and potentially tracing any malicious comments. We will not use them for any other purpose.